Calgary Real Estate – Property Taxes Increase 3.45% on 2019

On November 30, 2018, City of Calgary council voted to increase 3.45% increase on Property Taxes for 2019.

“We’re looking at about five dollars per month to the average household,” Mayor Naheed Nenshi told reporters following the vote. “And for that five dollars a month, we managed to hire new bus drivers, we hired new police officers, we continue to keep the streets safe and we continue to keep the city clean and healthy.”

Property Tax Assistance Program

If you are having hardship paying your property taxes you may be eligible for credit or grant on the increase of the property tax account. To take advantage of this account you must:

  • Meet the residency and income guidelines of the Fair Entry Program.
  • Own your own home and reside in your home.
  • Own the property for a minimum of one year from date of purchase.
  • Own no other City of Calgary residential property.
  • Have experienced an increase in property taxes from the previous year.

If you would like more information on property tax assistance program click here.

Alberta Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

The Alberta government also offers a Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program. It is available to eligible seniors experiencing financial hardship as a result of paying property taxes.

2019 Property Tax Important Dates

The 2019 tax bill period is January 1st to December 31st. Tax bills for 2019 are mailed in May. The tax payment deadline is June 28th, after which a 7% penalty can apply.

If you have more questions about your Property Tax click here.