Lets find your dream home. It’s an exciting process and Emin here to help you buy your dream home that fits your budget. Emin focuses on delivering the right tools/resources and providing complete guidance required to assist you through home buying process. Emin recognizes the needs of the buyers and thrives on making the home buying process as easy and smooth as possible.

Calgary Home Buying Process by Emin S Ozkan

1. Decide Where & What to Buy

Congratulations on taking this first step to buying a home. Its an exciting time and I hope can help bring clarity and comfort to your home buying journey.

Let’s find your dream home! The first step is deciding where you would like to live, what type of home you are looking for and what are your needs and wants in a home. Invariably, there will be tradeoffs, but I am here to assist you through the options to find you the best home, at the best price.

Calgary Real Estate Market is always evolving it is crucial to be aware of what’s going on in the market place. Click here to get latest in Real Estate Statistics in Calgary.

2. Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

The mortgage industry is highly competitive and it is important to understand that interest rates can change at any time. Partnering with a mortgage broker and financial institution to help find right mortgage product at the best rate is key to your home buying process.

Click here (http://www.eminsozkan.com/determining-the-real-cost-of-your-mortgage/) to read ‘Determining the real cost of your mortgage’.

Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage:

  • Save you time by only looking at properties you can afford
  • Save you money. Your interest rate is usually locked in for 90-120
  • days protecting you from rate increases.
  • Less stress throughout the home buying process. You will know that you are ready and capable of buying a home
  • Get a better deal on the home that you want. Sellers like to know that buyers already have financing in place.

3. Your Personal REALTOR®

When you engage the services of your personal real estate agent – someone who is under contract to act solely in your best interest – you get all of the following services:

  • Arrange a showing of the property.
  • Assist with financing the property.
  • Provide details about the property
  • Explain all the forms and agreements used in a real estate transaction.
  • Confidential assistance that addresses your needs first.
  • Honest, loyal and diligent care, free from conflicts of interest.
  • Access to all listings including on MLS
  • Expert advice on useful clauses such as home inspections and financing to fully protect you in real estate transaction.
  • Expert negotiation of the offer to purchase, to achieve the best possible price and terms on your next home.
  • Expert advice on Calgary market value, location.
  • Discovery and disclosure of all information about the property including liens, warranties, disclosures, seller’s purchase price and market and planning activity in the area.

As you REALTOR®, our job is to ensure you are an educated buyer in all aspects of your home buying process.

4. Becoming an Educated Buyer

My exclusive Home Buyer Program will empower you with key market information and every possible advantage to ensure you become an educated buyer. Educated buyers are able to make informed decisions creating a stress free and enjoyable buying process.

What to expect from Emin Ozkan’s Home Buyer Program:

  • Absolutely no fees or costs to you as my buyer
  • Access to property listing from a variety of advanced property search programs.
  • Access to database of recently sold properties to help you better understand Calgary real estate market conditions.
  • Proactive prospecting within you desired area to locate potential sellers with homes that match your criteria, that are not actively for sale on the market now but may be considering of selling their house.
  • Help search ‘For Sale By Owner’ homes that match your search criteria.
  • Instant access to the best deals on the market, including brand new listings in Calgary, newly price reduced properties, new home options, private sales, and deals that are under contract / pending that have fallen through.
  • The most current real estate market information that may impact your buying decision, including mortgage changes, in depth Calgary statistical sales data on average sale price, inventory levels, average days on market, list to sale price ratio, local area market changes, trends and much more
  • Book private showings on different styles and types of homes that meet your needs.
  • Most importantly provide a stress, hassle free home buying process for our valued clients.

5. Making an Educated Offer

The ongoing communication and education you will receive will empower you to get the best possible deal on the home that you desire.

You’ve Found Your Home? Fantastic!Here is what happens next:

  1. I will conduct a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) complete with comparable active, recently sold, expired listings that are relevant to determining the value of your home. This will allow you to make an informed Real Estate decision.
  2. I will prepare and offer that protects you, follows your instructions and matches your schedule and needs.
  3. I will explain the details of the offer, the terms and suggest options for specialty clauses ensuting you know exactly what you are agreeing to.
  4. I will present and negotiate the offer on your behalf to get you the home that you want at the price and terms you want

What happens now?:

  • The seller may accept your offer, in that case congratulations we have found your dream home.
  • The seller may reject your offer – no common, but it can happen and I would endeavor to find out why.
  • The seller may counter offer, change the terms of the offer and present the offer back to you.
  • Our negotiations continue to reach agreeable terms between seller and buyer, or until I know an agreement cannot be reached and it is time to walk away.

6. Conditions, Home Inspections and Waivers

The offer has been accepted. Now we need to satisfy the conditions. This usually involves performing home inspection, getting the necessary information to your mortgage broker or bank, and arranging for the other information that might be necessary such as surveys, condominium document reviews. I will help you make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly before the deadline.

Next, you will need to add some people to your team.

Finding a Home Inspector

Home inspections allow you to scrutinize the details of the home and save you from some unpleasant surprises. I would be happy to recommend a reputable homes inspector in Calgary, however, when making your decision…

  • Ensure that the home inspector is a qualified professional. Being a member of an Association can reassure you are getting an experienced, knowledgeable professional.
  • Ensure the home inspector checks for visible issues with plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, insulation, walls, ceilings, floors and windows, and the condition of the foundation. They can also check that included chattels, like furnaces and air conditions, are in working order.
  • Ensure your home inspector give you an up close and personal look at your new home. It takes about 2-3 hours to go through all the systems, and if there are any problems, you will see them with your own eyes. They will also give you maintenance tips and easy fix-ups, if necessary.
  • Ensure that in the end, you receive a detailed report that summaries the condition of your home.

Choosing a Lawyer

Lawyers are an invaluable member of you team whose job is to ensure that you get what you are paying for and in accordance with the terms of your agreement of purchase. Your lawyer will ensure:

  • There is nothing on title that is not supposed to be there.
  • The property taxes, utilities and condominium fees, if applicable, are up to date.
  • You have all information that you need about your new home.
  • Your mortgage lender is satisfied and that your mortgage is secured on property title as required by your mortgage agreement.
  • You know exactly how much money you will need in order to complete the transaction on closing day.
  • They also ensure that the seller gets paid the purchase price.

7. Preparing to Move

Typical you will have anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get everything ready for your home. It could be shorter or longer, depending on what you need and have agreed upon with the seller. The closing date is usually the same as your move-in date.

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