Thinking of selling your home? To make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible take into consideration the following tips to make your home look great for the potential buyers!

While small upgrades or minor decorations to your home may seem like a waste of time but it is essential in Calgary’s real estate market (over 4300 homes for sale in Calgary in December 2015!). Calgary’s real estate market inventory increased by 28% compare to last year.  Smallest misdoings may be enough to lose a potential buyer!

Be sure to follow the tips below when you are preparing sell your home:

  1. First Impression – Great curb appeal is crucial to selling your home after all, buyers may not want to enter the house based on the exterior of your home. Make sure to take care of your lawn and remove all the clutter that may exist. Neatly store all of your tools and belongings that are outside so it doesn’t look cluttered. First impression goes a long way.
  2. De-clutter – In real estate size is one of the most important factors. Get rid of some of the clutter in the rooms so the potential buyers can focus on the space! Keep in mind that clutter makes the rooms look smaller than they actually are and they distract the potential home buyers. Besides, de-cluttering will allow you to get a head start on the moving process.
  3. Clean – After de-cluttering be sure to clean every room thoroughlyDon’t forget overlooked areas, such as ceiling fan blades, faucets etc. or hire a professional to clean your home. Don’t forget to clean the outside driveway and exterior of the house if it is necessary. This is a essential step in preparing your home for sale. When potential home buyers in Calgary encounter an unclean/untidy home it causes them to think what else isn’t clean, tidy? Which could be enough in this buyer’s market for them to move on to the next house.
  4. De-Personalize – It is important that the potential buyers are able to vision themselves living in your home. So put away your family photographs so they don’t distract your buyers.
  5. Avoid smells – Don’t cook food with strong smells that will stay in the house for a long time, especially before a showing or a open house! I would highly recommend getting refreshing smells so the house smells clean.
  6. Make minor repairs – Put yourself in the buyer’s position. Would you buy a home that requires repairs? Fix all the chipped paint, cracked flooring, squeaky hinges, leaky faucets, burnt bulbs to show pride of ownership. Especially this time of the year with close to 6000 active listings in Calgary real estate market small issues may be enough to turn off the potential buyers and move to the next home.
  7. Paint walls with neutral colors – Most people prefer neutral colors such as, whites, grays and beiges. Try to stick with the most popular colors to attract maximum number of potential buyers. You may love your purple room but it may be enough to turn off your potential buyers and move on to the next home.
  8. Lighting – Lighting is important so open all the window covers to let in natural light. And add light to dim areas of the house to make it look more appealing.
  9. Organize storage space – Make sure to organize all your closets, pantry and remove extra items to make it spacious. Storage space can be an important selling point. Organizing the storage spaces can make the space seem larger.

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