Holiday season is not usually perceived as a good time buy real estate. However, with lower competition during holiday seasons consumers should take advantage of the slowdown to hunt down great deals. Plus, the condition of the Calgary real estate market at the moment with over 5000+ of active listings it should be easy to find motivated sellers.

If you are in the market for a house take a look at the benefits of buying a home during holiday season.

  1. Less Competition – While most of the consumers are busy with shopping and attending parties during holiday season you can take this to your advantage and go home hunting. With already flooded market place in Calgary there are great deals coming on the market each day. Take the holiday season to your favor to find your dream while there are less buyers are on the market.
  2. Motivated Sellers – Most people don’t want to move In the middle of the winter however, if you come across a listing in December it most likely means the seller is eager to sell. This urgency creates advantage for buyers because they will be able to negotiate fiercely to close a deal in their terms.
  3. Better Mortgage Deals – Again while everyone is exchanging gifts during the holiday season means a slow month for the lenders as well. Since there are not many people are in the market for housing lenders may offer special deals or incentives to encourage buyers to make the move in December.
  4. Builder Incentives – If you are in the market for a new built homes you are also in luck. With builders making fewer sales during the holiday season means more bargaining power for the buyers. Wanted to get the upgrade your countertops to granite? This month may be to get that incentive thrown in for great deal. This doesn’t stop with builders its not uncommon to run into incentives such as golf membership or brand new Tesla. Click here to see what this Calgary realtor is offering as an incentive.
  5. Attentive Real Estate Professionals – Since holiday months are generally not busy times for realtors they will have more time to show you homes and focus more on your needs and wants. Lenders will also be more helpful and assist you during the daunting process of home buying. Also, other related professionals such as inspectors, lawyer will have fewer clients which means quicker turnaround time for you!